Horse / Equestrian Journal

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Our Equestrian journal is designed to help horse lovers of any kind to reach their goals in pleasure or competition, while keeping records of the day-to-day.

The Equestrian Journal is designed to help you record your horses details, training/riding, preparation, health and travel for events or pleasure outings in Australia. A horse lovers life is a very busy one so the Equestrian Journal helps you to reach your horse goals alongside everyday life.

  • 2 Horses
  • Personal goal setting and goals for your horses
  • 10 months of Training
  • 20 Events
  • 20 Movement Records
  • 1 x Horse Weight Tape
  • Beautiful Hardcover
  • Trailer Safety Decal 


Each section features:

Owner Information

  • Your info
  • Club & membership info
  • Expense tally
  • Personal goal setting  

Horse Information

  • Horse Information
  • Breed details
  • Club & Association registrations
  • Medical/Veterinary History
  • Up to 3 feed regimes per horse
  • Supplements and additives
  • Weight pattern table
  • At-a-glance, any year calendar per horse
  • Horse Goal Setting


  • Monthly Training Logs
  • Weight Checks 
  • Training Intensity log


  • Any year event calendar
  • Event reviews
  • Pre-event temperature logs


  • Travel Safety Sheet
  • Travelling First Aid Kit
  • Movement Records
  • Total Travel Log
  • Event Packing List


  • Moments to remember


  • Some blank space to jot down extra things and be creative!

 Cover by Kerrie Hill (Grisham) of "Victoria Tower Summer Serenade"