The horsey life isn't easy.

The horsey life isn't easy.

A horsey life isn't an easy one to choose, but ask any one of us horse loving addicts and we will tell you that we wouldn't change it for ANYTHING!  Horsey make us happy, they make our heart sing, so our true resilience always shines for them. 

When you own horses, everything in your life is impacted and it can be ridiculously challenging to achieve your equestrian or pleasure riding goals. It might be a challenge of money, time or even just finding the motivation when the rest of life is so exhausting. 

Flik Journals have two sections for goal setting; one for Personal and one for each of your horses. This is because everything we do personally is directly impacted by our horse life and we can benefit from planning them alongside one another. 

The goal setting sections break each of your goals into three easy steps. When we break them down into smaller chunks that feel more achievable it can help us make the progress we need to make it to the big ones!


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