I started my journal journey mid year.

I started my journal journey mid year.

I had one of those down days today. The event on the weekend didn't quite go how I wished for my horse and I.
I couldn't shake the feeling today of failure, of "Maybe I should just quit."

It's a crappy feeling. The kind you don't really want to admit having, and don't realllllly mean... but I know I'm not alone in feeling this way with the ups and downs of equestrian life, so I feel like it shouldn't be something anyone should feel ashamed of...including myself #selfpeptalk

So, this afternoon I picked my bottom lip up off the ground and decided to start a fresh new Flik Journal for my Teddy. I was two months off finishing the old style of journal but decided a fresh new look on what's ahead, since my entire year has changed, was a perfect pick me up.

The journals are not year specific, so although the calendars (The event planner and the individual horse schedule) are in order, they are not specific to any year. You can of course be super neat and start in January every year, but in this case I am starting in August and will roll back around for the first half of next year.

♥️ #onwardsandupwards #findingmymojoagain #thedownsarenottaboo #downsevenupeight 🐎

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