Heart Rate Charts - Endurance Journal

Heart Rate Charts - Endurance Journal

The sport of Endurance Horse riding can be pretty tricky. There is a lot to remember in any one moment that is paramount to your horses health, not just during competition, but training and even rest periods.

Sometimes decisions need to be made in the moment and it's not easy to put all of the information you need together in your head. Your Flik Equestrian journal allows you to collate information into the one convenient place to aid you in making informed decisions on the path to your next competition. 

One particular feature is the Heart Rate chart. The horses heart rate in Endurance is used for many things, primarily for an indication of the horses fitness before, during and after competition. Many other factors can also impact the heart rate, such as extreme heat, exhaustion, underlying issues, pain etc. 

Some of you like to average your horses heart rate from rides and record it in these charts. Others, who take heart rates before and after training, like to keep this chart just for training. Or you could do both and colour code them. 

The aim is to form a pattern that gives you a single view of your horses progress over time. 

Tell us how you use it or share a pic! #flikequestrian

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  • Michelle

    When using the HR chart I also take the HR before a workout, I plot this on the chart in red as the resting HR, I then take the HR immediately after the work out and plot this on the chart in blue. Over time the gap between the resting HR and working HR gets less and less indicating a horse getting fitter when I see this I increase the intensity of the workout either through speed or distance depending on the experience of the horse. If the gap isnt changing its a red flag for me.

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