Founder starts vlogging

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Founder starts vlogging

In 2011, Flik Founder Mindy, wrote one blog for a magazine about her first experience of Endurance Horse Riding. Flik evolved from there to what it is today from that simple little 700 word article. 

It's been a huge journey of continually changing and adapting according to the feedback from her readers and customers. What began as a magazine entry evolved into a 3 year online blog, then a book, then a test journal and now the beautiful and popular hard cover Journals we have today.

So when someone suggested she try vlogging it seemed only fitting to give it a go. Although way out of her comfort zone to be on camera she's managed to publish her very first vlog. 

When the season returns in 2019, Mindy will be featuring the Journals in her vlogs from to time so be sure to subscribe to her channel.

Watch her first VLOG right here:

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