Founder opens Flik!

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Founder opens Flik!

Flik Equestrian officially opens!

"At the Queensland State Endurance Championships this year I really wanted to stand up and give something away at the Pre-Ride talk. I didn't mainly because I didn't want to prolong everyone getting some sleep before midnight.

I would have liked to congratulate every single rider, who made it there to that point where you are one of the excited starters in the crowd, vetted in and eagerly awaiting a midnight start. Everyone has their own very unique challenges to conquer in their journey, just to get to that point and whether you get through the actual ride or not, that is a HUGE part of your story and part of your achievements. And I think that deserves a big cheer.

My book Chasing A Quilty was really just a diary of my own journey and then I created the Endurance Journal to help people plan, train, ride and especially remember the journey; to tell their very own stories.

This week I am launching brand new journals and I wanted to give the very first one away to a very special young girl. She achieved open status at Easter, broke her foot and spent some time on crutches, jumped back in the saddle to do an 80km and then headed off to State Champs to attempt her open 160km qualifying ride. Her name is Charlotte Williamson and I tracked her down to give her the Journal anyway that night - I wanted her to feel proud of getting that far and no matter what happens, not to give up.

Unfortunately Charlotte vetted out after 40km but I am proud of her because she showed true Endurance spirit, accepting the learning curve, looking after her pony and her team mates and continued to smile all weekend.

The brand new Flik Journals have taken all your feedback into account and now come in two kinds, one specifically for Endurance Riding and the other for any discipline, from pleasure riding for fun to dressage or pony club. They both come with a protective hard cover, weight tape and trailer decal, include postage within Australia and feature goal setting for both horses and rider/owner.

Endurance Cover by Sharon Meyers and Equestrian cover by Kerri Hill

I'm very excited to officially announce the opening of Flik Equestrian!"

Mindy Davies

Founder of Flik Equestrian

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