Flik Equestrian Journals

Flik Equestrian Journals

We love horses. We've struggled to keep track of our horse’s goals, training times, or health records. We have often wished that we could keep all this information in one, easy-to-access place. Well, we don't have to wish any longer and neither do you! With the Flik Endurance Journal, you can do all this and more!

The Flik Endurance Journal is more than just a horse diary. It offers many features like packing lists, movement records, and a section to express gratitude.

Here are just a few of the sections in this journal:

  • Your information which includes personal goal setting, equine-related expenses, and your club information
  • Your horse’s information which includes breeding details, veterinary history, and feeding regimes
  • A training section which includes weight checks and monthly logs for 10 months of training
  • An event section that includes a space for pre-event temperatures and reviews of any event you attend for 20 events
  • A travel section that includes packing lists, safety sheets, and movement records
  • A notepad to jot down quick thoughts that may not perfectly fit in our predefined categories
  • A gratitude section to remind you how wonderful it is to be a horse owner

We know how much work it takes to care for a horse, especially because horses have become a part of our families. We wanted to create a journal that reflects the care we have for horses and horse owners. In our experience, it can be easy to forget to pack certain things or keep track of appointments, and this journal does that and more.

At Flik Equestrian, we have prided ourselves in bringing you affordable products that are useful and allow you to express your love of horses and the life of an equestrian. These journals are just another step in that journey. Built with functionality and simplicity in mind, these journals have beautiful, hardbound covers that will reflect your love of being an equestrian and protect the journal from being damaged by everyday wear and tear.

For the low price of $39.95, you can own this journal and begin your journey to a more organized life with your horse. Visit our Facebook page, Flik Equestrian, or our Instagram account at @flikequestrian to learn more about us and see our other products. Let us take the guesswork out of being an equestrian, so you can be completely focused on caring for, loving, and enjoying your horse.

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