7 reasons why customers love managing their horses with Flik Journals.

7 reasons why customers love managing their horses with Flik Journals.

1.Single glance Event Calendar.

"I love being able to map out my year. Of course it always changes but being able to look at the rest of my life along side the potential events I can go to is super helpful"

2. Training Logs & Feeding Regimes.

"My vet was asking about my horses training to date and what I'd been feeding him over the last 6 months. I just handed him my journal. Everything he wanted to know was right there! So easy!"

3. Travel Safety Sheet, Checklists and Decal.

"My best friend rolled her float many years ago. While people came to help her get out of her car, other helpers let the horses out of the trailer. They just wanted to help and thought they were doing the right thing. But it wasn't and it went bad. Real bad. So I just love the Travel Safety features and I can't wait for my friend to open the one I got her for Christmas. She's going to love it!"

4. Individual Horse Expenses.

"I don't really want to know how much my horse costs me LOL but having the simple tally and due dates I really love. It helps me plan my budget for the upcoming month for things like Farrier and Chiro".

5. Personal & Horse Goal Setting.

"Breaking my goals down into 3 steps has been so good. My bigger dreams feel so much more achievable when I have these little wins along the way. And having them written down makes me commit to the challenge that little bit more. I WANT to tick them off!"

6. Training Logs

"I don't go to events so I use the training lots more of a weekly plan for my commitment to ride my horse a certain number of times a week. I also want to try liberty training so I added one session a week. It's definitely made me more accountable and I have a better idea of when I should be moving onto something harder or sometimes I need to step back a bit"

7.  Horses Individual Calendar

"I used to keep everything in my head and sometimes I got confused about dates.That was really not a good thing when I'd left it too late to book my farrier before an event. Now I can schedule all of my horses farrier, events, chiro, medical etc. on one page and at any stage I have a solid idea of exactly where he is at".

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